Facebook probably knew concerning Cambridge Analytica earlier than we expected

Newly-released documents suggest that Facebook knew concerning the Cambridge Analytica scandal much sooner than we originally thought.
Documents suggest that Facebook knew the corporate was gathering user profile information 3 months before the press disclosed that the firm was using profile data to focus on voters throughout the 2016 elections, CNBC reports.

Internal emails discharged by Facebook suggest that the social network had issues concerning Cambridge Analytica as well as many other firms that were using information in ways in which probably violate Facebook policies as early as September 2015.

Those documents suggested that Facebook workers planned to reach out to the businesses in question to determine how they were utilizing Facebook’s information. One email sent on September 30, 2015 speculated that “these apps’ data-scraping activity is probably going non-compliant” with Facebook’s policies.

Facebook created a joint statement Friday concerning the difficulty along with District of Columbia attorney General. It additionally discharged a separate statement explaining the documents, which it says hold the potential for confusion — confusion it wished to preemptively clear up.

“There isn’t any substantively new info in this document and the issues have been antecedently reported,” a blog post published by Paul Grewal, vice president and Deputy General Counsel for Facebook reads”. As we have said repeatedly, as well as last week to a British parliamentary committee, these are 2 distinct problems.

One concerned unofficial reports of scraping — accessing or collecting public information from our merchandise using automated means — and the other involved policy violations by Aleksandr Kogan, an app developer who sold user knowledge to Cambridge Analytica. This document proves the problems are separate; conflating them has the potential to mislead individuals.”

Aleksandr Kogan is the app developer that sold information he collected concerning Facebook users to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook says it was not aware he created that sale until December 2015.

In May of 2018 Cambridge Analytica formally ceased operations. At the time it said that it had been “the subject of various groundless accusations and, despite the company’s efforts to correct the record, has been vilified for activities that aren’t only legal, however additionally widely accepted as a regular element of online advertising in both the political and business arenas.”

Due to the scandal, the corporate said it had lost almost all of its customers and suppliers.

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